Antigone Kouloukakos - Women in Creativity Series

As part of Liberatum's Women in Creativity Series, here is our interview with Rome and Milan based Greek actress, Antigone Kouloukakos.



It was the 15th of August. In the middle of a hot summer, my mother was holding me in her hands for the first time. From day one, I was never an easy going child which became even more evident during adolescence. I couldn't stay still even for a moment, all I wanted was to dance, sing, set up home performances, dress up and put on make up…  My mother used to say "that even when I was sleeping my hands were still dancing". My first “love” was ballet which I studied for 7 years at the Petrova's Dance Academy in Greece and never stopped practicing, as a hobby, throughout the years.

As a grown up, Italy became my passion. I first moved to Parma and then relocated to Milan in order to study Law & Political Sciences. It was during this period that I started working as a model. I got fascinated by the lights, the glamour and the cities I visited for my work. It was like living in a dream. Soon I realized that I needed something deeper and soul searching. I felt it was my destiny to become an actress. Acting became my ticket not only to live the life that I wanted, but also experience the lives of others. Situations, characters, confrontations that morally or socially I could never choose for myself. I enjoy elaborating my “facades”, confronting my subconscious thoughts and desires. It gives me a better understanding of myself, helps me cultivate my character and makes me a better person. The beauty of being an actress is that you never stop learning in every possible way.

I keep taking acting classes and seminars. I still love to dance and spend my free time doing yoga and horse riding. I am fluent in English & Italian, very good in Spanish and I intend to learn more languages (currently taking Turkish lessons). I am now based in Italy between Rome and Milan. I call it Andata e Ritorno (round trip) or "Trains" story of my life! 
I love trains. It is the best place for an actor to watch and analyse human behaviour. Ample material to work with. I strongly believe that theatre should be performed in our mother tongue. Therefore in the last two years I had the opportunity to go back to my homeland (Athens) and act on stage. It was a special season for me. I am very grateful for that. Now I am in Istanbul for new adventures. I could talk and write for hours but I have loads of dreams to pursue, so I wish to all and each of you to keep fighting for your dreams cause they do come true and don’t forget to Live, Love Laugh and Dance.
La Vita é Bella, SEMPRE!

Who do you want to meet most in this world and why?   
If I had the opportunity i would love to meet in person late Mother Teresa. But since this is not possible i have the intention to meet her some time through her work by visiting India.
What are you terribly afraid of?
I am afraid, that I am not afraid. My calamity is often my worse enemy.
Who inspired you most as a little girl growing up in Greece?
Ever since I remember the Geek international actress Irene Papas, she has been my role model. I just love the unique intense Mediterranean look in her eyes.

What is your relationship with sex?
I couldn't live without and why should I? On a more serious note, I believe that we should love, respect and take care of our bodies because at the end of the day, sharing intimate moments with another human being is something wonderful and it is something that we all desire and need.
Do you like to sleep a lot at night and if not, why not? In other words, how important is sleep to you?
Beauty sleep is a girl’s best friend. It is also the kind of a friend that knows all my secrets, my dreams and my nightmares. Knows me better than anyone else.

Your most memorable creative moment?

The opportunity which Ι was given back in 2011 to be directed by the late Thodoros Angelopoulos on his last film 'THE OTHER SEA’. It helped me break new grounds in my acting journey and transcended me into a whole new world of filmaking. Even though the film was never completed, that was my turning point. 
What are your views on feminism today?

I am not fond of labels. I see us as humans. All of us, we seek balance in our lives and in order to succeed, we should collaborate and be motivated by love, inner peace and generosity, no matter the gender.

Is it still harder as a woman to succeed and make same waves as a male counterpart in the creative industries, especially equal opportunities and pay?

Yes but we have come a long way and we are where we are now, so we can go further more and eventually it will happen. It is only a matter of time. Meanwhile we continue to do what we are doing in the best way we can and we know. 

Why are we still so obsessed with exposing women’s body for advertising and promoting any kind of products and even music including music videos in the media?

A woman’s body, ever since Greek mythology, is directly related to beauty. Venus is the undisputed example. And ever since Greek mythology, it was sirens who seduced Ulysses with their music.

Where do you see women’s rights in 30 years time in the world?
In its rightful place in society in all positions as daughters, sisters, mothers, lovers and wives with their beliefs and with no religious borders . I see happy humans who live, love, laugh and dance their lives as they wish. Freely, with dignity.
Photos by Mustafa Seven and Mustafa Sabbagh