Julie Anderson - Women in Creativity Series

As part of Liberatum's Women in Creativity Series, here is an interview with California based former supermodel and currently publisher of 'Feminine Collective, Julie Anderson.

Why do you want to meet most in this world and why?

Oprah Winfrey. She has been on my radar since the late ‘80s.  Why you ask? Because she is tenacious, her’s is a true rags to riches story. With trauma thrown in for good measure. Look at what she has created, look at what she has become. Nothing has stopped her; racial prejudice, classism, chauvinism – you name it – she over came it. I am just in awe of her. She is brilliant in every way, as a philanthropist, creative visionary and of course an exceptionally astute businesswoman. I will have what she is having, thanks.

What are you terribly afraid of?

Small or tight spaces. I am claustrophobic. Being confined, even if it just means that I am in restrictive clothing, or lying in a tightly made bad- sends me into a panic. On airplanes, my irrational phobia has to be battled by me during the entire flight. Even shoes. If I can’t move my toes, I will break out in a sweat. Silly, but true.



Who inspired you most as a little girl growing up in America?

I grew up in a small country town that sat right in the middle of the state of Florida in America. As a young girl, my grandmother Violet’s panache for extravagant dreaming and dramatic gestures in story, events and dress – translated to me as a kind of theatre. She was bold, wild, a stunning beauty, kind, optimistic and lived to the beat of her own drum.  She certainly was not perfect. Not by a long shot – but in my eyes she was courageous and very cool.

What is your relationship with sex?

This is an odd question.  What do you mean?  If it is a straight forward – do I like sex – meh. I was a very adventurous (some would say promiscuous) person, from 15 years until my late 20’s.  I don’t think much about sex or of it now at all. I prefer gentle cuddles and long kisses. 

My mind likes to take flight, I have a hard time letting go and staying patiently in the moment, if you know what I mean. That is something that I am working on. A lot of it – even my history of promiscuity has to do with past sexual traumas. As humans we can run all we want, but we can’t hide from pain that has not been addressed. I was taken advantage of brutally – and I still have flashbacks. It’s awful. But that is my truth and unfortunately I am not the only individual dealing with this type very wound. 



Do you like to sleep a lot at night and if not, why not? In other words, how important is sleep to you?

Sleep is very important to me. I need 8 hours to function properly. Most days I “turn off” for 45 minutes in the afternoon. I need to take that break because I have manic tendencies. If I don’t slow down, then I will suffer from insomnia. Which on one hand is great, more hours for me to accomplish my goals – but ultimately I have to reign it in, or I will crash.

Your most memorable creative moment?

My most memorable creative moment, for me is when I had to epiphany to start the website femininecollective.com.  The idea came to me as clear as day. It almost was an act of divine intervention. Everyday that I work on the site brings me immense pleasure. We recently published our first anthology – the creative process and the end result are a dream come true. 

What are your views on feminism today?

Feminism- the word – is very divisive. On one side we have radical feminists that are male bashing and the other side we have males that continue to fuel the flames.  In general, in my opinion, I believe that women and girls should have the same rights and privileges, as males do –Period. I think that the fight for women’s rights has gone on long enough, and it is disheartening to continue to read stories in our media about abortion clinic protests and the encompassing stigmas placed on women who actually go after the dreams. Fortunately there seems to be a growing movement of men who identify with and support the feminist movement. Maybe one day soon we will be able to look back on the fight for women’s rights, as a case closed in the history books. Until then, we have to be mindful and considerate towards each other, and not accept treatment that we would not accept if the same treatment where given ourselves, daughters,sisters or mothers.


Is it still harder as a woman to succeed and make same waves as a male counterpart in the creative industries, especially equal opportunities and pay?

Absolutely! That is not something that women experience alone. Minorities and African Americans also suffer the same fate as women do in an industry that is fueled by dreams, and run by the corporate white man. Equality, does not exist. Period.

Why are we still so obsessed with exposing women’s body for advertising and promoting any kind of products and even music including music videos in the media?

Sex sells. You have heard that line before right? Well its true. The reason it remains that way, is that advertisers go straight for the fool proof sale. Speaking to the penis, has always brought in the big dollars, so why stop now?  I find it disgusting frankly. When we see images of women scantly clad in the above mentioned mediums – we forget that these “women” are barely past pubescence. The world at large is rife with pedophilia and has a growing amount of members that have joined “rape culture society.” The only way that this trend will stop, if ever, is if the consumer stops purchasing products that endorse women in provocative sexually charged ways. Women could help put an end to it too, by not buying into the status quo. Don’t get me started on this topic, we will be here for days. 

Where do you see women’s rights in 30 years time in the world?

Imagine a world were genital mutilation does not exist. A world where women are not questioned or judged on whether or not they use birth control or choose to have an abortion. A world where our sons and daughters will be paid the same wage, no matter what industry they choose to work in. A world where woman are respected leaders of companies, in their communities and were woman have a place in all offices of government. This world is possible. We just need squish chauvinistic bias flat. We also need to make sure that we lead, all of us need to lead, so the generations that come after us will have positive models to emulate.