Liberatum celebration in honour of Sir VS and Lady Naipaul

Liberatum's founder Pablo Ganguli and Liberatum patron Ella Krasner hosted a special dinner on 23rd November in London in honour of Nobel Laureate Sir VS and Lady Naipaul. This Liberatum event also celebrated Britain's cultural relations with other nations.

Liberatum has hosted invigorating cultural and artistic festivals celebrating the power of the human brain all over the world since 2001. These memorable adventures have connected nations and peoples through the power of the arts and literature. Liberatum's history of promoting literature worldwide is substantial. Its literary endeavours have ranged from projects in Papua New Guinea to Morocco and India's first international literature festivals.

On 23rd November, Liberatum hosted an important cultural diplomacy dinner bringing together distinguished international arts, music, literary, design and media personalities to celebrate the career of one of the most iconic literary figures in the world. The dinner was held in honour Nobel Laureate Sir VS and Lady Naipaul with whom Liberatum collaborated on a recent cultural mission to Turkey for the Istancool festival.

Guests who attended the dinner included Sir Richard Eyre, Sir Norman Rosenthal, Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild, Grayson Perry, Julia Peyton-Jones, Sir Mark Jones and Terry Gilliam among many others.