The Liberatum Foundation

Liberatum to launch the Liberatum Foundation to support humanitarian endeavours worldwide


After sixteen years of building cultural relations between countries to promote peace, freedom of speech, understanding, diversity and tolerance, and to raise consciousness through the arts about important issues affecting humanity and our planet, Liberatum is delighted to announce the launch of the LIBERATUM FOUNDATION. While Liberatum's main activities are multidisciplinary cultural festivals of the highest standard, leadership forums, themed summits, short films, documentaries, innovative programming and artistic collaborations, the work of the LIBERATUM FOUNDATION will aim to help humanity, animal kingdom and our planet. The core areas of focus of the LIBERATUM FOUNDATION are as follows:

• Education

• Women's Rights and Human Rights

• Helping Homeless Children

• Protecting Animals and the Environment 

We will form partnerships with humanitarian organizations, NGOs, charities and companies that share our values in order to build collaborative relationships to meet our goals and objectives worldwide. 



Photos by Tomas Munita