LIBERATUM to launch “In This Climate” in June 2017

In a world where a climate change denier rises to power, LIBERATUM leads the charge with experts and personalities to set the record straight. In celebration of their 15 years of bringing together creative visionaries, pioneers and cultural leaders Liberatum has produced a thought provoking new documentary about the impact of global warming upon our world and the future of our environment titled “In This Climate”
Global cultural diplomats Liberatum will be releasing an impactful short documentary titled “In This Climate” a powerful new film about the environment and climate change. Directed by Liberatum founder Pablo Ganguli and Liberatum creative director Tomas Auksas, the compelling and thought provoking documentary features some of the most eminent thinkers and celebrated creative minds of our time who share their personal insights about the environmental health of our world today, and how our civilization can combat climate change.


Artist Marina Abramovic, Oscar nominated Actor Mark Ruffalo, the legendary Cher, globally loved broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, linguist and legendary philosopher Noam Chomsky, top diplomat and former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueresenvironmentalist Bill McKibben, economist Jeffrey Sachs, photographer Steve McCurry, spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra, scientist James Anderson (Harvard), novelist Ian McEwan, photographer Michel Comte, entrepreneur and conservationist Susan Rockefeller, atmospheric scientist Kerry Emanuel (MIT), fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and Elizabeth Yeampierre, Attorney & Environmental Justice Leader of African and Indigenous ancestry are some of the names that appear in the film, offering their perspectives and candid opinions on issues surrounding climate change and how our world is facing up to its responsibilities. 


In This Climate will be launched in June 2017. The timing of the film is important in that it will raise the public's awareness of this urgent crisis and further the work of the UN Climate Change Conference and its aims a year and a half on from the historic Paris climate agreement. The film will be screened at cinemas, schools, universities, cultural centres, events and festivals globally to educate and inspire people from all walks of life, especially the youth, to take action and combat climate change. Liberatum will also launch a one year programme in over thirty countries to raise environmental awareness and promote wildlife conversation. 


Liberatum is a global cultural movement celebrating creativity, freedom of expression and connecting the world's finest minds to create engaging cultural content with their counterparts in different countries. This documentary is yet another one of their stellar projects that engage in conversation and align with their belief about creating work that impacts the world and engages in conversation about important topics that affect human nature.
(Photo By Muse Mohammed)