Global Multimedia and Multidisciplinary Cultural Organization Connecting Minds to Promote Social Change, Freedom of Expression and Empower and Inspire Communities Around the World to Create a Better Future. Founded in 2001.

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The mission of Liberatum is to present global audiences with remarkable programmes of the highest calibre featuring world-renowned cultural icons as participants to promote social change, freedom of expression and raise consciousness about important issues affecting humanity in order to create a better future.

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Founded in 2001, Liberatum has established itself as a leading global multimedia cultural brand creating some of the most spectacular multidisciplinary festivals, summits, creative content, programming, international creative collaborations and fascinating cultural happenings in the world.

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Liberatum connects the world’s finest minds, leading cultural figures, visionaries, pioneers and acclaimed creative leaders of our time through an inspiring global movement with the aim to inspire and empower communities around the world. Liberatum creates and presents compelling and original cultural programmes and captivating content, and compelling creative collaborations with leading cultural minds worldwide. Liberatum joins forces with world-renowned brands and companies for exceptional multimedia ventures, programming, special events, original content creation and multidisciplinary festivals.