A global cultural campaign with a direct humanitarian mission at its heart. Leading cultural voices from five continents in heartfelt and honest conversations with frontline workers, admirable human beings fighting for justice and remarkable individuals with extraordinary stories in a powerful new series.

Addressing crucial issues affecting society with 100% of donations going directly to food banks, humanitarian efforts around the world and human rights and racial justice movements. Follow the conversation on Liberatum’s Instagram @liberatum

Launching globally in August 2020.

As the world reacts to the devastating events in the USA, as we adjust to the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic and with the UN warning of the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable including refugees, resulting in poverty and famine, the global cultural diplomacy organisation, Liberatum will launch a powerful new humanitarian series called LIFESAVING CONVERSATIONS

A series of heartfelt exchanges about life in these extraordinary and unsettling times and important issues affecting humanity such as racial justice, forced displacement and mental health with international leaders, artists, pioneers, changemakers and icons in conversation with remarkable individuals with a moving personal story on the front lines, whose voices so often go unheard, such as doctors, refugees saving lives, healthcare workers, black rights activists, domestic violence support workers and teachers. 

The public can donate a small sum of money, in most cases as little as $1 USD, after watching each conversation online, with 100% of funds raised going direct to non-profit organisations dedicated to eradicating hunger, feeding the world, fighting racism and supporting the most vulnerable, including refugees and forcibly displaced people. This urgent and impactful initiative aims to shine a light on minority communities and extraordinary individuals on the front lines saving lives and fighting injustices during this crisis, and also address some of the most important issues affecting society. A powerful and heartfelt conversation between an acclaimed cultural figure and an admirable human being from the front lines with a moving life story. 

The series also aims to raise funds for food banks, civil rights movements and for humanitarian efforts around the world in severely affected countries and communities. The series will feature important voices across five continents. 

Philanthropic partners include Feeding America and World Central Kitchen in the United States, The Trussell Trust in the United Kingdom, GiveIndia in India, FoodForward in South Africa, Acao da Cidadania, Amigos do Bem and Gerando Falcões in Brazil and FESBAL in Spain. To reach the increasing number of displaced people and refugees, the series will officially support UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The series will be launched across all platforms and feature powerful voices from the United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, India, Brazil, United States and Spain among other countries. Liberatum will host these inspiring conversations with world-renowned, revered and admired individuals who have a massive following and while the conversation is on, there will be a link and urgent call to action to donate in support of food banks, in the country where the personality is from, or the refugee cause globally. Millions who admire the personality will have the chance to help donate funds to provide emergency food and much needed aid to help protect the most vulnerable from the COVID-19 pandemic or express support for the anti-racism movements globally.

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